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Local rankings are more complex than a single digit…see how your location ranks from every corner of your city.

GeoGrid Rank Tracking

Our Geogrid rank tracker brings a variety of proprietary technology to the local rank tracking and visibility space. Our geospatial data is beautifully plotted onto a map so you can visualize 3 pack rankings at the most granular level, gps coordinates within a configurable distance from one another.

Google has been radically changing the way it delivers results for local queries to provide the “best” experience to their users. From this, we have seen proximity as a ranking factor being weighed heavier in Google’s local algorithm. This process is not perfect by any means and there is always a margin for error when Google is determining the proximity of a search, but even with that error rate being a possibility, you will be hard pressed to find more accurate rank tracking.

Local Viking gives you two ways to pull in this ranking data. One is directly from the Google Places API, which we walk you through how to not only get one for free but to utilize APIs intelligently to not run up a crazy bill. This method does not allow you to track Service Area Businesses.

The other method is through our extremely proprietary data gathering method (WE ARE NOT SCRAPING GOOGLE) and will showcase Service Area Business results as well as businesses that are not hiding their address. These blended results will paint a more complete picture of the local serps. Each plan contains enough credits to handle all of your local rank tracking needs.

These maps can be easily downloaded into PDF form, but we also introduced what we feel is one of the coolest local reporting capabilities in the industry. The Local Viking system rescans your geogrids at predetermined intervals and stores the data in our system.

These get stored under each of your specific locations and when opened can be exported as a timelapsing GIF that showcases the increase in rankings and the overall benefit that your campaign has delivered to them. Rich media reporting and tangible evidence of increases are a quick way to wow your clients, increase retention, and have everyone whispering about your super cool reporting that no one else seems to have.

The Geogrid will localize to whichever country you are searching. This not only includes recognizing the proper TLD but also switching to that language as well. Our Geogrids work GLOBALLY.

You can justify the grid center to modify what proximity based results are being served based on artificially changing where the search is being performed from. This allows you to move throughout the desired area and visualize how the rankings are changing based on the grid center. You have ultimate flexibility.

Each node can be clicked through to see what competitors are ranking at which GPS coordinates. You can interact with the listings from that view and even report spam listings as you stumble upon them. We enable the extraction of GPS coordinates from each node so you can optimize your listing and other assets on the most granular level possible if you find your location lacking visibility in specific parts of the city.

The Geogrid can also be added to your gorgeous white label reporting and you can automate the sending out of this aesthetically pleasing report at whichever intervals you please. Set yourself apart from the competition by sending more accurate and unique reports that so few agencies have access to.

Local Viking has made managing my clients’ GMB locations simple. Having all of my location data in a single, quickly accessible place makes my life and agency work easier.

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Dave Wunsch

Pro Rank Digital

The GeoGrid automation has been a game changer for my client reporting and acquisition…showing a potential client where their location ranks poorly in their city instantly gets them interested in GMB optimization.

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David Longacre

OC SEO Experts

Love using Local Viking for my GMB management. I’ve watched the platform grow into one of the most comprehensive GMB software suites and I’m excited to see what’s added in the future.

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Ken Haber


Easily schedule your geogrids to run when you want.

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View your visibility regardless of being a service area business or not.

SAB GeoGrid

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Frequently Asked Questions

View your visibility regardless of being a service area business or not.

Can I Track Service Area Businesses?

Yes, you can track service area businesses using the SAB mode of the GeoGrid.

Can I Schedule Automated GeoGrids?

Yes, you can schedule GeoGrids for keywords on a per location basis using either the Places API GeoGrid or the Service Area Business GeoGrid.

Places API and SAB Differences?

The Places API only returns businesses that have an address listed. The Service Area Business mode GeoGrid will return both businesses that have an address and businesses that don’t.

Are There GeoGrid Credits?
The Places API runs on your own Google Places API Keys and you will pay the bill directly. The SAB version of the GeoGrid will have a credit system in place in the future but currently does not.
Can I Embed Them In Reports?
Yes GeoGrids will be embedable in reports when we release our reporting feature.
Can I Export GeoGrids?

You can export GeoGrids to CSV files, timelapse GIFs for location-keyword GeoGrids and soon you’ll be able to export single GeoGrids to PNG.

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